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So I have trust issues. I’m not the first girl with them, and I won’t be the last.
I don’t believe in marriage and all that shit and, i’m pretty sure I don’t want kids.*
But honestly I think finding that motherfucker you’ll love with everything you have and who’ll love you just the same, is one of the most important things we have in this life.Take a risk, Go find them, and live your life in some sense of happily ever after.

P.S.- as a favor, to limit the amount of lives with trust issues, peeps please don’t do stupid shit and not be up front about it. Grow a pair (balls or boos) and come clean about all the shit you do, it’ll be better in the long run. thanks :)

*this line and it’s beliefs are subject to change, especially if i do find that motherfucker and they want those things…i could be cool with it…maybe


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